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ApexSQL is Hiring C++ Developers

[es] :: IT berza poslova :: Arhiva IT berze poslova :: ApexSQL is Hiring C++ Developers
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Goran Bogdanović
Operations manager, ApexSQL LLC

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icon ApexSQL is Hiring C++ Developers16.04.2010. u 18:47 - pre 170 meseci
ApexSQL is seeking experienced C++ developers for multiple software developer positions

Required Skills:

* At least 2 years experience in software development with the use of C/C++ (VC++ preferably)
* Strong working knowledge of standard C++ libraries
* Strong working knowledge of Win32 API and system programming on Windows
* Good working knowledge of Boost libraries
* Good working knowledge of C++/CLI
* Excellent communication skills and proficiency in English (Reading and Writing only)

Helpful / Preferred Skills:

* Good working knowledge of relational database theory and SQL (experience in MS SQL Server preferably)
* Experience in GUI and console applications development
* Experience in .NET and C#
* Good working knowledge of XML

Work Requirements:

* Internet connectivity
* Workstation
* All required software for e-mail, IM, productivity (e.g. word processing).


* Competitive compensation package and benefits based on experience and skill level.
* 4 weeks of paid vacation, after 3 months. 5 weeks at 2 years. 6 weeks at 3 years.
* All National Holidays
* 5 paid sick days, after 3 months
* Work at home with an 8-hour schedule you propose. The only requirement is that at least 1-hour per day overlaps with central office Eastern time for support purposes.
* Promotion opportunities with commiserate increase in salary after only 3 months.
* Work on small teams using Agile methodologies

Application Questions:

Please include answers to the following questions in your cover letter:

* What are your reasons for leaving your current job?
* What kind of software do you prefer to work on (system, security, graphics, office, multimedia, etc.)?
* What technologies do you prefer to work with (.NET, Java, C/C++, MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)?
* What kind of technical specialty do you prefer (engine, UI, web, DB, etc.)?
* What is your preferred primary occupation (developer, architect, designer, analyst, etc.)?
* Are you looking for a full-time or part-time job?
* What is your desired salary (specify the EUR per month for full-time job, or per hour rate for part-time one)?
* How do you prefer to work (individually, in small teams, in large teams, etc.)?
* Do you have any duties that you need to attend to that may affect your work in any way (educational, public, military, etc.)?
* Are you able to work consistently on an 8-hour per day schedule that has at least 1-hour overlap with central office core time (9 AM � 5 PM EST)?
* What is your availability to start (i.e. immediately, 2 weeks etc.)?
* How did you find out about this position? (specify name of an ApexSQL employee, address of an online ad, etc.)


Please send all resumes and all e-mails in English to [email protected].

Validation and online version of this ad are available Here.

[es] :: IT berza poslova :: Arhiva IT berze poslova :: ApexSQL is Hiring C++ Developers
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