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Potreban Oracle DBA za rad u EU

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Igor Obradovic
Athens, GREECE

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icon Potreban Oracle DBA za rad u EU30.04.2007. u 11:02 - pre 187 meseci
Job Title: Oracle DBA

European Dynamics S.A., Athens, GREECE is looking for a talented Oracle DBA for permanent position at their premises in Athens. Working and residential permits are provided.


Your skills:

- Minimum 3 years of experience with Oracle database architecture.

- Strong interpersonal and communication skills. English language proficiency at fluent level is mandatory (written & spoken).

- Strong data modeling knowledge and experience in using ER Studio, Erwin, MS Visio or similar modeling software.

- Good working knowledge of Oracle database optimization, capacity planning, performance tuning and benchmarking methodologies.

- Strong PL/SQL coding skills and experience especially Oracle database objects such as triggers, packages, stored procedure and functions. Use of SQL*Plus and GUI tools for Oracle development including PL/SQL debuggers.

- Hands on experience with Oracle software installation, database creation and configuration and migration/patch installation, versions from 8i to 10g Rel.2.

- Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms strong understanding is a must.

- Knowledge of Java programming language is a plus

- Experience with other databases, such as MS SQL Server, Informix, MySQL and Sybase is a plus

The candidate must have very good understanding of IT in general, including: understanding on how hardware works, understanding of networks and protocols, understanding of development cycles of an information system, N-Tier Architecture, etc. These skills are needed on understanding level, not practical.

Main roles:

Database design, performance tuning, installation & configuration of Oracle Software, PL/SQL programming, etc. The most important tasks involve your analytical skills and “problem solving" capabilities, which means that you have to support Java programmers in case they have any problem during the development. It might be: wrong algorithms in Java, JDBC Driver problems, Database transactions problems, lack on DB understanding, Oracle Database bugs, etc etc.

You can send your CV and contact me on email:

Igor"DOT"Obradovic"AT" (due to spam issues - replace DOT and AT with . and @)

If you have any further questions, you can call me at +30 210 80 94 763.
The offer is valid until 30/06/2007.

Best Regards,
Igor Obradovic
Head of Database Unit / e-Business Department
European Dynamics S.A.
209 Kifissias Ave. & 10 Arkadiou Str.
15124 Marousi, Athens

[es] :: IT berza poslova :: Arhiva IT berze poslova :: Potreban Oracle DBA za rad u EU
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