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I hate spam...

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Ivan Dimitrijević

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icon I hate spam...15.07.2002. u 16:53 - pre 219 meseci
Pazite šta mi je stiglo na mail:

------------------------------------------- header -----------------------------------------
Return-Path: <[email protected]>
Received: from [] (HELO
by (CommuniGate Pro SMTP 4.0b2)
with ESMTP id 6720143 for [email protected]; Wed, 19 Jun 2002 04:58:01 +0400
Received: from ([] verified)
by (CommuniGate Pro SMTP 4.0b2)
with SMTP id 2330370 for [email protected]; Wed, 19 Jun 2002 04:58:01 +0400
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Tue, 18 Jun 2002 17:57:59 PDT
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 17:57:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ahmed Shittu <[email protected]>
Subject: Pls.Go Thru.
To: [email protected]
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="0-454902167-1024448279=:2519"

-------------------------------- kraj hedera ----------------------------------------------

Poruka :

Dear Friend,

First I will like you to take your time to go over this mail carefully and with patience. Please, this is a matter of urgency,this is because I need your help and I need it very quickly too. At this stage I will like to introduce my self. I am Dr. Ahmed Shittu. I am 51 years old, a Nigerian. Today I am formally retired as the personal accountant to the late head of state of this country Late General. Sani Abacha. Since his demise things have never been the same for us who served under his regime. I cannot leave the country for now because the present government is still investigating huge amounts of funds embezzled by the Late Head of State and remains hostile to his family and properties.Shortly before his death the General gave me a very huge amount of money to be transfered to an off-shore Security company abroad and this I did with the help of his eldest son who is presently being held in detention for human rights violations. You can check the internet to confirm these facts.In any case the funds was successfully transfered and it is currently in a safe deposit abroad. All the papers to legally claim the funds is with my attorney for security purposes and the amount involved in this transfer is US$21,320,000.00 (Twenty One Million, Three Hundred and TwentyThousand U.S. Dollars). The present government of my country has so far recovered most of the funds transfered by the Late General but they do not and will not have access to this one. This is because the funds is not in a bank like the others already recovered but rather, in a security company and all documents relating to it's existence completely unknown except by me. I have thought about this and I have decided to invest this funds abroad,preferably in your beautiful country and later settle with my family there when all this is over. However, for now I sincerly want your help in the area of investment opportunities in your country in Research,Real estate and properties, computers and other things that will bring real returns for my investment worth. Please, can you help me by recieving the funds as the beneficiary?. There is no risk involved as the funds is already out of Nigeria. All you need is just the papers to put forward before the Security company and the funds will be released to you promptly.These papers I am ready to send to you as soon as I hear from you with personal information about yourself. Please, be informed that you will be compensated with US$1,300,000.00(One Million, Three Hundred Thousand U.S dollars) of the funds upon collection if you agree to help me, and the rest we can put into business. I await your urgent response. I will fill you in with more information when I have heard from you. Please do furnish me with your phone and fax numbers when responding. Thanks and God bless as I look forward to your favourable reply. Yours sincerly,

Dr.Ahmed Shittu

Don't tell Me what to do !!! Pimp Juice
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Luka Gerzic
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icon Re: I hate spam...15.07.2002. u 17:07 - pre 219 meseci
:) toga i slicnih imas kolko volis recimo :

egrep "offers" * | wc -l

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icon Re: I hate spam...15.07.2002. u 17:51 - pre 219 meseci
znam jednog coveka koga su nalozili da uradi hiljadu stvari .. na kraju je potrosio nekoliko hiljada dolara (prevodioc, fax, tel, banka)
hehhehe ima nas raznih ...
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UroS inc. Head manager

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icon Re: I hate spam...14.09.2002. u 18:44 - pre 217 meseci
ja sam im odgovorio i dao im broj mog mobilnog telefona da me zovu i ladno me zvali i trosili telefon hehehe al nista ih nisam razumeo sta su pricali
one-thousand, three-hundred and thirty-seven.
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[es] :: E-mail :: Anti-spam :: I hate spam...

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