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GoDaddy na prodaju za milijardu dolara...

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icon GoDaddy na prodaju za milijardu dolara...17.09.2010. u 19:11 - pre 114 meseci
Jedan od najvecih svetskih registranata i hosting kompanija GoDaddy ponudila je svoj sajt i domen na prodaju... Za milijardu dolara...

Citat:, the famous hosting website that registers domain names in the World Wide Web, has recently announced itself to be up for grabs in an auction with a $1 Billion price tag. The web company has been known for its provoking advertising campaigns.

GoDaddy utilized the services of investment banking firm Qatalyst Partners, found by industry expert Frank Quattrone way back in 2008. The firm is said to manage the auction, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Various private-equity firms are anticipated to bid for GoDaddy, which, as of today, holds more than 43 million domain names under their management.

Neither the GoDaddy management nor Qatalyst Partners have released comments about the said auction, and the reasons for selling it. But it is likely that GoDaddy is trailing down this direction as substitute for pursuing to become a public company, a course of action that the company had once started and also brought to an end before.

Back in 2006, GoDaddy announced its official withdrawal of its registration in the SEC to become a publicly traded company. Founder and CEO of Bob Parsons, who founded the company back in 1997, wrote a personal blog about the action, laying out the reasons why he pulled the company’s IPO filing and detailed and bragged about how the company has been doing well, with a momentous operating financial stability. Parson also stated that tentative market conditions had influenced his decision of pulling back the IPO filing.

According to a trusted source, GoDaddy’s income could be estimated to be between $750 Million and $800 Million as of 2009. These numbers, thus, strongly stands as basis and makes it worthy of a $1 Billion tag price.

Aside from registration of domain names, also provides services in line with e-commerce, online security and other services that individuals, groups and companies are looking for in order to have a secured and better online business management.

Selling and buying of firms is not new in the online business world. Two smaller competitors of GoDaddy have also been under private-equity’s ownership. This is not shocking, since businesses such as Godaddy has stable income flow from monthly services subscription payments.

Updates: There has got to be a real reason why Godaddy is being up for grabs for 1 Billion dollars. Actually, if you will search for the term ‘god’ in Google. The first thing that will appear is ‘godaddy’. Thinking, that the query ‘god’ is being search for millions of times around the world.

That has got to be the reason. No?

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icon Re: GoDaddy na prodaju za milijardu dolara...25.09.2010. u 21:06 - pre 114 meseci
Čim rasitnim pare kupujem (jer ovako možda neće imati da mi vrate kusur).
Slobodan i otvoren internet = elementarno ljudsko pravo
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icon Re: GoDaddy na prodaju za milijardu dolara...27.09.2010. u 01:52 - pre 114 meseci
Cena prava sitnica :)))
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[es] :: Hosting :: Domeni :: GoDaddy na prodaju za milijardu dolara...

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