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GroundLink - Web Developers - Beograd

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Mihailo Đorić

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icon GroundLink - Web Developers - Beograd15.03.2011. u 21:32 - pre 100 meseci

GroundLink is a global platform for ground transportation, based in New York City, that just received their 2nd round of funding. We power ground transportation sections of some of the world's biggest travel companies. We build an infrastructure that serves the needs of millions of travelers and thousands of ground transport companies, helping them work together. We build web and mobile experiences unseen in the industry.

GroundLink is expanding, and fast. We are looking for people who started playing with LEGO at age of 4 and never stopped. For engineers that value the craft and are passionate about what they do. For hard problem solvers. For people who do not stop when they get in the zone. And for people who know how to balance hard work and enjoying in life.

Web Developers


* Develop new web properties leveraging popular frameworks (something like Rails, Django, Drupal)
* Supports online marketing initiatives (SEM, SEO, domain development, niche market development, etc)
* Coordinates with the IT department to manage security and optimization of utilized resources
* Supports all web-related issues and requirements​
* Coordinates with content creators - write, design, or edit web page content
* Works with the marketing and sales department to analyze web trends, improve traffic quality and volume


* Minimum 2 year experience in of the dynamic languages: Ruby, Python, PHP
* Knowledge of web server configuration (Nginx, Apache)
* Excellent hand-coding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, W3C standards
* Experience integrating free software
* Experience in SEO
* Demonstrated knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver (the more the better)
* Extra valued - proficiency in using software development tools (source control, continous builds, bug tracker)
* A big plus for any additional languages (Java, Scala) and platforms covered

For all development positions we are looking for people that have built stuff, in the first place for the pure joy of building it. We also require each candidate to write a piece of code as a part of the interview process.

This is a full time, employment contract position.

You get:

* Meaningful equity in company
* Social, medical, pension funds paid in full, on 100% of net salary
* Lovable culture and likeminded crew (we talk hackernews in the hallway)
* Generous paid vacation time
* Flexible work schedule
* Truly global multinational environment
* Chance to be part of entire industry redesign and maybe drive that change

Submit your CV in English to the following e-mail:
mihailo at groundlink dot com

[es] :: IT berza poslova :: Arhiva IT berze poslova :: GroundLink - Web Developers - Beograd
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